A Distributed, Low Latency, Advanced Virtual Execution Platform with Tight Timing Constraints for Implementing Adaptive Software Fault Tolerance

The goal of this research project is to develop and demonstrate an environment - an integrated set of techniques and software tools - for designing, implementing, modifying, and integrating real- time distributed multicomputer services that are necessary to realize computation, I/O, or communication intensive embedded real-time applications on parallel and/or distributed platforms.  
Research also covers metacluster’s area and focuses on common hardware to support for time-constrained computation and communication to achieve a fault tolerant requirement on continuously running platform.
The additional goal of this research is to communicate architecture and coding methodology for generic application development that inherits a FT functionality of the platform with no additional technological effort.

Scal@Grid is an idea to join together math. models of execution environment and the software that is running on a plain distributed hardware to meet fault tolerant requirements through continuous reconfiguration of the system. Project
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  • December 2006 – Project Highlights
  • December 2006 – Project TechnoMap Preview